Hilary Field compositions

Cantiilena (2017) (Video)
(A lullaby, composed in a lyrical style.)
Cantilena (PDF)

Donzella: Fantasia on a Sephardic Lullaby (2015) (Video)
(Inspired by the Sephardic song Durme, Durme)
Donzella: Fantasia on a Sephardic Lullaby (PDF)

The Olive Branch and the Rose (2020)
(Inspired by the Sephardic song La Rose Enflorence and the Arabic-Andalusian song Lamma Bada Yatathanna)
The Olive Branch and the Rose (PDF)

Oda a la Esperanza (Ode to Hope) ( 2017)
(Based on a poem by Pablo Neruda)
spacerEl Mar (The Sea)
spacerE Cielo (The Sky)
spacerEsperanza (Hope) (Video)
spacerTodo Ser√° Cumplido (All will be Fulfilled) (Video)
Oda a la Esperanza (PDF) Complete



concerts and recordings

Hilary Field performs internationally as a soloist, as a duo with violist Gwen Franz, and with vocalist Patrice O'Neill. For information about current schedule and availability, pleae visit the concerts page.

Hilary Field is currently working on her upcoming solo release, "Premieres," which features the first recordings of a number of classical compositions, many written specifically for Hilary. Her recording with violist Gwen Frans, "Airoso," is due to be released on April 16, 2013. More…

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